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Rowing to Perfection: 5 Key Maintenance Strategies for Your WaterRower

Dive into a unique fitness experience with the Water Rower, where every stroke pulls you into a world where strength meets tranquility. This innovative machine offers a harmonious blend of resistance and relaxation, mimicking the graceful motion of rowing across water. As you engage in this fluid workout, it’s vital to understand the art of maintaining this exquisite piece of equipment. Let’s dive in and ensure your rowing machine remains your steadfast workout companion for years to come.

Keep It Clean:

The Foundation of Care First and foremost, keeping your WaterRower clean is the bedrock of good maintenance. Dust and dirt can not only make your machine look neglected but can also interfere with its moving parts. After each use, take a soft cloth and wipe down the wooden frame, rails, and the polycarbonate water tank. This simple act removes sweat and dust, preventing buildup and ensuring the smooth operation of the seat and other moving components. For the wood finish, consider using a wood cleaner every few months to keep it gleaming and protected.

Water Quality:

The Lifeblood of Your Rower The water in your rower isn’t just for show; it’s the heart of the WaterRower’s resistance system. To avoid algae growth and keep the water clean, use a water purification tablet every six months (or more frequently if you’re in a warmer climate). These tablets are specifically designed to keep the water clear without damaging the tank or the mechanics of your machine. Also, ensure you replace the water annually or whenever it begins to look cloudy, following the manufacturer’s instructions for draining and refilling the tank.

Tighten Up:

Ensuring Everything is Shipshape Regular use can lead to loosened nuts, bolts, and screws. Inspect your WaterRower monthly to ensure everything is tight and secure. This not only prevents damage but also maintains the integrity of your rowing experience. Pay special attention to the areas that see a lot of movement, such as where the seat attaches to the rail and the footboard connections. A quick tightening here and there can prevent a larger issue down the line.

Listen for the Silence:

Addressing Unwanted Noises One of the joys of the WaterRower is its whisper-quiet operation, allowing you to get lost in the rhythm of your rowing. If you start to hear creaks, squeaks, or other noises, it’s a sign that something needs attention. Often, a bit of lubrication can solve the problem. Use a silicone-based lubricant on the seat rollers and any other moving parts that seem to be causing noise. This will ensure your rowing machine continues to provide a peaceful and effective workout.

Store Properly:

A Place for Everything When not in use, storing your WaterRower properly can significantly extend its life. Although the Water Rower is designed to stand upright, minimizing its footprint, ensure it’s stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This positioning protects the wood and prevents the water tank from algae growth and potential damage from extreme temperatures. Additionally, if you’re not planning to use your rower for an extended period, consider draining the tank to prevent stagnation.


Maintaining your WaterRower is akin to tending to a valuable ship that carries you towards fitness horizons. The journey is both enriching and serene, made possible by this unique piece of exercise equipment that flawlessly combines the essence of rowing with the convenience of home fitness. By embracing these five maintenance tips, you ensure that your vessel remains in prime condition, ready to set sail whenever you are. So, let your WaterRower be the steady current beneath your fitness wings, propelling you towards health, strength, and tranquilly with every stroke. Here’s to navigating the waters of well-being with your WaterRower, a true ally in your quest for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Find now the best water rowing machine.

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